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Friday, October 28, 2016

Why Afterschool is Important to Me

Why Afterschool is Important to Me
Lights On Afterschool Celebration Speeches October 28, 2016
Afterschool supports student’s daily learning and education. It’s a safe learning environment to complete homework. Afterschool helps students make friends and allows them to participate in creative activities. It also helps kids develop social skills. Afterschool is important because it provides extended learning. – Osagie Ekhator, 5th Grade
Afterschool is important because parents don’t always have time to take care of you at the end of the day. It gives you time to finish your homework. In afterschool you can make new friends and spend time with the friends you already have. There are many celebrations such as the Costume Party, Secret Santa, Valentine’s Day-Black History Celebration and more. They have several clubs that students can participate in every Friday. This is why afterschool is important to me. – Jaden Jernigan, 5th Grade
Afterschool is important for children whose guardians are busy working hard for them to have a happy life. They need a place that can offer them enrichment. Afterschool is your safe spot. It’s your 2nd home. The staff will always support you. They want what’s best for you. To conclude everyone should thank the staff. Look at the nearest staff member and repeat after me:
“You work hard for me to enjoy myself and for that I thank you.” – Aniya Campbell, 5th Grade
Afterschool is important because it provides a safe place to complete our homework. It offers physical activity so we can be healthy. I need afterschool because it helps me complete my homework when my mom and my dad are at work. I wouldn’t have anywhere to go if it wasn’t for afterschool. Lastly, we are able to partake in fun activities aside from homework. On Fridays we have clubs where we express ourselves, enjoy parties and holiday celebrations.

–Armani Medley, 5th Grade

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