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Saturday, December 19, 2015

CYCSI Students Shine In “Live, Laugh, Love, Cry!”

This year some of our talented students performed “Live, Laugh, Love, Cry!” a York College Fall production play based on the poetry of Dr. Linda Michelle Baron. The play was conceived by Lelia Billings and directed by York college professor Tom Marion. Our star students cast in the play are Aaliyah King, Kyle Thomas, Lordina Ampere, Makiyah Turner-Hicks, Miles Harris, Noel Boone, Paris Clarke, and Victoria Fentress. Cast members also included our media activity specialist Eric Normil-Mendez and former journalism activity specialist Jessica Danielle Powell. 

Photos from the Play & Cast Interviews Below:

Interview with Live Laugh Love Cry Director and CYCSI cast members conducted by Aniya Cambell, 4th Grade.

Anaya Cambell met with Tom Marion, the director of “Live, Laugh, Love, Cry” and the CYCSI student cast members to discuss working on the production.

How does it feel to be in a play at York College?

Paris Clarke, 5th Grade: It feels exciting because being a part of the production allows me to experience life as a college student performer.

Lordina Amprea, 4th Grade: I feel excited because this is my first college level production. I am able to work with my friends, and I have the opportunity to express my feelings with poetry.

Is this your first play?

Noel Boone, 3rd Grade: This is my first play. I am happy because I will perform my first poem at York college.

Is this a big deal for you?

Ms. Jessica, Activity Specialist: Yes this is big. The first milestone was an all girls poetry club during the CYCSI summer program. For most of the students this is their first time performing in a theater.

Makiyah Turner-Hicks, 4th Grade: Well I started acting about 2-3 years ago so this was really easy for me. This is a big deal because the show will be running for multiple performances.

Kyle Thomas, 3rd Grade: It is a big deal because I have a huge part.

What did you learn?

Aliyah King: I worked on several poems and I learned to use my diaphragm instead of my throat to improve my vocal projection.

Miles Harris, 5th Grade: I learned to be mindful of everyone because we all play important roles.

How did the play come to fruition?

Professor Tom Marion, Play Director: I knew a professor (Dr.Linda Michelle Baron) who had her poems featured in an off-Broadway play and I thought it would be fun to incorporate her poetry into a play.

How do you engage the students to rehearse and perform?

Tom Marion: It wasn’t easy because no one knew what the play was about. So I picked students that are interested in Poetry.

Why did you choose students from CYCSI?

Tom Marion: Mr. Eric recommended the children from CYCSI. He said they are wonderful kids.

Is being a director your dream job?

Tom Marion: Sometimes I think acting is my real dream job. I like acting. I like performing on stage, but then sometimes I think directing is better. A director gets to make decisions about the whole play. When you help everyone with their parts, it's almost like a little part of you is acting in every part. The only difference is, instead of being on the stage you get to sit in the audience and relax.
Cycsi_Outofschoolprogram's Live_Laugh_Love_Cry album on Photobucket

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