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Thursday, July 28, 2016

Game Day 2016 by Darrien Hunt and Faith Grinion, Art Work by Terryl Jackson and Allie Alexander

Today was the student favorite "Game Day," where each child enjoyed playing their favorite games. Every student was allowed to bring in their own video games, board games, or cards to play with their friends. We provided a PS4, Wii, and Xbox One for the children to play upon completing a Video Game review.

Students had fun playing games such as NBA 2K16, Wii Sports, Super Mario Bros, cards, dominoes, and other board games.

Here of some examples of some brief video game reviews done by students:

Just Dance 3 by Olivia Speller
                Just Dance 3 was announced shortly after its prequel, Just Dance 2, was released. Ubisoft released this dancing craze on October 7th, 2011 in North America and October 11th in Europe and Australia.
                The most challenging part of this game are the dances, but it’s enjoyable to play.

Fantasy Life by Faith Grinion
                You, a normal citizen of Castele, Reveria, are faced with a dilemma that could change the world as we know it; the sky is breaking apart, causing 2 separate worlds to collide. It’s up to you, your friend Butterfly, a few allies, and your Life decisions to save Reveria. You can choose from 12 different Life classes, learning the ways of the sword, wand, pickaxe, frying pan, etc.
                The most challenging part would have to be beating the final quest in all the Life classes.

Madden 16 by Tyler Smikle
                You win the game! Get more points than the other team.
                The hardest part of this game is to get more points than the other team.

New Super Mario Bros. Wii by John Fentress
                This game is fun because it is about saving Princess Peach from Bowser. Everyone loves Mario. He has multiple items, including the ice flower, fire flower, star, red mushroom, mini mushroom, flying mushroom, 1-Up, and penguin.
                The hardest part would be defeating Bowser when he is giant. He can spit larger fireballs and the lava under you is rising up.

NBA 2K17 by Gavin Johnston
                NBA 2K17 is a fun game involving new and old basketball stars.  It allows people to battle head to head.
                The most challenging part of the game is story mode.

Media Club Conducts Career Assessment Surveys By Darrien Hunt and John Fentress

This week the Media Club surveyed students to obtain stats on their favorite hobbies, subjects, and anticipated career goals. The students were able to gain communication skills and learned how to collect, analyze and compute data. By collecting this data the students were be able to create digital graphs using Microsoft Excel. The graph allows us to pinpoint the most popular and favored hobbies, subject and careers of our the students. Reviewing the students interests is a great way to assess them and help pinpoint possible career options.

John Fentress' Experience 

I surveyed every student in each club to gather data on their favorite hobbies. To conduct our survey three students from Media Club were stationed at the front door of the classrooms to collect the information from the students. When the student came outside there were two students at the the desk and one student taking pictures. I enjoyed taking pictures. It was my favorite part of the experience.

Monday, July 25, 2016

Media Club 2 - Making Beats

Today in Media Club 2 the students made their own beat by using different platforms. In the previous class the students made their own song. Today they were able to provide a beat for their lyrics, express their creativity and gain skills in music production.

Here are two statements from the students in today's class...

"Today I made a beat on Incredibox. It was very fun." - Olanna Iwu

"Today we made beats on Beat Lab and Sampulator. I really enjoyed today's class." - Noel Boone

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Dance Club

Dance Club had a productive first two weeks. Ms. Jasmine spoke to each girl individually about their possible career paths. She encouraged them to pursue careers in the dance field. 
Some students from Media Club also had the chance to speak with the assisting staff, Ms. Bryelle and Ms. Tanasia. They said students would be learning basic ballet and stretching techniques.

Monday, July 18, 2016

Checking in on Music Week 1 & Week 2 by Eric Allen

Today Tyler and I did a survey about Music club.
We checked in on music instructors Mr. Taj and Ms.Karlene.
Ms. Naiemah is also a music instructor their.
We asked them what they taught in week 1 and 2.
Mr. Taj said "We are teaching them how to play 'Where is Thumbkin' and 'Ode To Joy'."

The students also got to get familiar with using the equipment such as the pianos and guitars.

Movie Day 2016

Movie Day 2016 was very fun for both staff and students this year. They were able to watch a movie together while eating lots of popcorn.

This year's feature was the CYCSI program's production of "Out of School Musical." This was a great opportunity to everyone to relax and see a film featuring fellow staff and students.

Art Club by Tyler Smikle

Today Eric and I did a survey for the Art Club staff members. The main instructor's name is Mr. Brian. The other staffs' names are Ms. Erica, Mr. Sean, and Ms. Haley. We asked them questions about what they have been teaching during the first two weeks. 

The purpose of the first couple of days was to assess their artistic skill level. Each student could draw freely. As time went on, they learned how to do Mosaics and draw faces. 

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Cooking with Home Economics

Home Economics Club got off to a fast start, and was very productive the past weeks. The children were very engaged and organized in studying food and the proper techniques to use when preparing it. They also practiced valuable sewing skills.

This week, the club worked on making their own individual pizzas which turned out very good. Students from Media Club got to interview Home Economics students about their experience.

Georden- "What did you learn today?"
Laila- "Today we learned how to make pizza. "

Georden- "How do you make pizza?"
Laila- "First, you get a whole grain English muffin, and spread pizza sauce on it. Then, you spread cheese on it. After that, if you want, you can add pepperoni on top."

Georden- "How long did it take to make the pizza?"
Laila- "About 10 minutes."

Georden- "On a scale from 1-10, how good was the pizza?"
Alonzo- "9."
Laila- "10."

Media Club Students Conduct Career Surveys

Edited by: Jordan Francois, Darrien Hunt 

 During the first week of Media Club, students had to complete a Career Determinant guide to assess their interest and skill set to determine potential career paths.

Each student had a chance to research their career field, and find out the tuition and colleges that tailored to that career. In the following week, the students surveyed each club and asked individuals about their interests and favorite subjects. These are the results:

Students also had a chance to document all of the data they collected. The data will be used to determine their most favorable career paths. Also, throughout the week, Media Club students took photographs and managed blog posts about their experience conducting surveys or interviews.

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Surveying Other Clubs By Georden

                                                                 By Georden Burton                                                                                                                             

Today I went to each club and interviewed multiple students.

We first asked them what their names were and their grades. Then we surveyed them on their favorite hobbies.
We collected information that allows us to assess each student's career goals.
I learned that most students liked Sports and Dance.

Step Club

Ms. Julie
Ms. Nala
Ms. Leashelle

Goals for Week 1: 
Learn Basic Steps
Learn Chants
Conducting a Career Assessment for each child


Throughout the week, the students learned the Heartbeat and Soldier steps and also made a social contract and discussed the values of being sisters.

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Kicking it Off with Sports Club By Eric Allen

By Eric Allen

During the first week in Sports Club the kids and I had fun learning how to play Basketball and Kickball. I interviewed some staff members and students to see what they were up to.

Mr. Phillip
Mr. Destin
Mr. Miles
Ms. Alexia
Mr. Marcus Prentice
Mr. Marcus
Ms. Alie

Mr. Philip said that he wanted the kids to learn about teamwork and effort.

I asked Brandon and Justin what they where learning in Sports Club?
Brandon said "I'm learning how to play Basketball."
Justin said "I'm learning how to pass the ball and how to shoot."

Monday, July 11, 2016

Building Bridges With Engineering Club By: John Fentress

                                                           Engineering Club    
By John Fentress

Today I interviewed student and staff members of the engineering club.

The lead Activity Specialist is  Mr. Narendra. Other Activity Specialist include Mr. Stanley, and Mr. Malik.                                                                          

This week the students are building bridges. They are practicing how to build static structures and structures that don't move.

I asked two students about their experience during the first week of Engineering Club.

"We are learning that bridges have to be stable." -Kal-el 3rd Grade

"I learned that triangles are the strongest shape." -Huntley 3rd Grade

"We're Going To College" Culminating Event June 2016


Every Spring and Summer, the CYCSI program staff and students host the Culminating Event to display all of the hard work and effort that each club has put into developing new skills and talents for the kids. Whether it's dance, or even engineering, each and every student gets a chance to show their parents how hard they worked to do something spectacular. 

The Culminating Event was a huge success and we hope that the Summer edition will be ever better