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Black History Moment: Brown Vs the Board of Education By Lordina Ampere

Brown Vs the Board of Education  By: Lordina Ampere, 5 th Grade During the times of legalized racial segregation African ...

Friday, January 27, 2017

A Confused Chinese New Year By Talise Peele

On January 28th, 2017 there was a six year old girl named Ming and her twin brother Ning. They we're visiting Beijing and it was their first time seeing the Chinese New Year. They didn't understand why everyone was so exited. They were watching the parade. Ning was frightened when a dragon came close to him. Then he saw legs and hands. He felt relived when he realized that the dragon was just a costume. It was nearly midnight and they were watching people set up fireworks. In America they use the count down to start off the New Year. Ning was sleeping but Ming was awake. She wondered why there wasn't a big crystal ball getting lower and lower. She almost doze off until their parents screamed ''HAPPY NEW YEAR''. She jumped and Ning started crying after being startled by the loud fire crackers. They realized that it was a tradition for Americans and Chinese people to celebrate the New Year, but they have different ways of celebrating. Then they received red envelopes filled with money from their parents and enjoyed the rest of the festival.

Gail Anderson : African American Designer by Antonelle Coley

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   Gail Anderson is an African American Designer . She created artwork for Broadway from 1987 to early 2002.  Gail is also the Senior Artist for Broadway. Gail Anderson was known for  writing books . She is very creative  at computer graphic designing. Her legacy is very amazing and she will be remembered by many people . She also inspired me to become a computer graphic designer. Gail Anderson is proficient at science, she worked very hard to earn a Doctorates Degree like  the brilliant Dr. Martin Luther King.

Friday, January 13, 2017

My New Year’s Resolution by Mikayla Robinson 5th Grade

1)      My New Year’s resolution is to cook more so when I grow up I can be a cook.

2)      I want to stop procrastinating when it comes to projects so I finish them before they are due.

3)      I want to keep my grade up so I can go to my desired Middle School. 

Stanley Middle School

Friday, January 6, 2017

My New Year's Resolution By Angela Agbi

My New Year's resolution is to be better at video games. I also want to get into a good middle school. I want to get into a good school to get a better education. I want to be better at video games to impress my friends.

My New Years Resolution By Terryll Jackson

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For 2017, my New Years Resolution is to get higher marks in school for the next 6 months. During the beginning of 7th grade, I've been getting very high grades. However, the 2nd semester has been rough because I haven't been paying attention and studying often. I will pay attention and study more. I will also try to do extra credit if available. This will help me get higher grades so I can keep my honor roll and I could get into a great high school.

                                                                                                        -Terryll Jackson

Media Club 1 New Years Resolution

My New Year's Resolution is to get better grades, to become a better writer and pay attention in class - Michael Pierre, 3rd Grade

My New Year's Resolution is to be good at science. -Michael Cespedes, 3rd Grade

My New Year's Resolution is to be better in Math. -Krystian Williams, 3rd Grade

My New Year's Resolution is see to sharks live. -Evan Pierre-Louis, 3rd Grade

My New Year's Resolution is to become a good cook. -Georden Burton, 3rd Grade

My New Year's Resolution is to improve my painting skills. -Nicolai Pierre-Louis, 1st Grade

My New Year's Resolution is to pass 3rd grade and ace my classes.
 -Sacelyn Elmine, 3rd Grade

My New Year's Resolution is to work out more. -Ryan Aarons, 1st Grade

My New Year's Resolution is to perform better in school. -Darrone Turner, 3rd Grade

My New Years Resolution- By Talise Peele

1) My new year resolution is to Go to GameStop every Month so I can keep gaming.  I want to do this because I have many games and I would like to keep gaming. 

2) Another thing I want to achieve is to earn better grades so I can get accepted to a good college.

3) I want to participate in more activities I enjoy.