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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Game Day 2015

Today's event highlighted one of the students' favorite days of the year, Game Day! Game Day features different variations of games such as cards, video games, and board games. 

Hosted by Media Club, members put a lot of time and effort to make sure that this event was a success among the kids ensuring that the room was prepped and a system was created so everyone had a chance to play and have fun.

Game consoles were set up and a sign-up sheet was created so kids could play, but not forever, so other students could have a chance to play. Some staff members contributed valuable equipment such as gaming systems and TVs. Even vintage consoles were brought in for kids to play. In addition, laptops were set up so students could play games on the internet. In other rooms, students uninterested in playing video games could play with cards or board games.


ELA Speech Presentation

The students arrived at the school and proceeded to the auditorium to perform their speeches from ELA class. All students were dressed professionally and accordingly to fit their preferred future career. The theme "Jobs of the Future" molded the students speeches, costumes and ideas. One by one they entered the stage and performed their speeches on camera.

Malia Weaver is performing her speech as a research scientist. 
She was a little bit scared that she would speak badly, but did well and is proud of herself.

Many students recited their speeches excellently, projecting their voices and some even memorized their lines at home in order to be prepared. These students were excellent and helped to save time.

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Home Depot Workshop/ Star Lab

Today's workshop featured a building using equipment from  Home Depot. Each student received a kit fit with materials and instructions for them to independently construct.

The groups were responsible for building scooters and bug houses.


The staff and students worked together to safely build and use tools such as hammers and nails. Some students were able to make sporty book cases, aside from making scooters and bug houses.


After completing building activities, students had the chance to experience the Star Labs. They excitedly crawled into the Star Lab Bubble. Inside the Bubble holograms were projected while stars and constellations were described and explained.

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Visiting Other Clubs:Cooking

Ms. Ruth allowed the students to prepare personal salads in cooking class today consisting of various ingredients.

"Today we made a salad that consisted of chopped cheddar cheese, mandarins, cherry tomatoes, lettuce (of course) raisins, radishes and Italian dressing. I enjoyed it because it is very healthy and the Italian dressing gave it a unique taste." -Lordina 3rd grader

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Trip to Vaughn College


Thursday, 23 June 2015
The students went on a trip to Vaughn College to take a tour and experience the educational opportunities the institution has to offer. They were able to see airplanes, engines, experience a flight simulator, and even witness live 3-D printing. At the end of the tour, everyone met up to watch a game of soccer using programmed robots. 

A flight simulator in which an instructor allowed students to use to know what it feels like to fly an airplane. 

The students went to the lab. At the lab, people from the institution showed them the robots they made, used in competitions, and described their thinking processes.

Then they stepped over to the 3-D printer which they were using to create a model of a shark.

We stepped outside to view airplanes and their massive engines. We were even able to see Laguardia airport from there.

We gathered back inside to witness a robot soccer match which was controlled remotely.

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Visiting Other Clubs: Music

The Media Club visited the Music club to take photos and of instructors Taj and Namiah working with the students. The instructors are teaching students how to play the guitar and piano.


The Music Club was busy rehearsing to ensure an enjoyable performance at Market Day and the Culminating Event while learning new and valuable skills.