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Friday, October 28, 2016

Poetry: Our Favorite Treats

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Elijah Stevens- "Favorite Treat"
I love Sourheads
They are sour
I eat them everyday
Because they're delicious
Kit-Kats are better
But not so much
Because the Kit-Kats...
Always melt!

Osagie E.- "Kit-Kat"
I like Kit-Kats
They are creamy and bold
I eat them when I'm hungry
Especially in my bed
I've always like Kit-Kats
I eat them till I'm tired
I love them so much
Crunch! Crunch! Crunch!
I love Crunch so much
They Crunch and Munch in my mouth
I eat them till I'm tired
I love Crunch so much

Jasmine Davis- "Cupcakes"
Cupcakes are the most yummy snacks 
I love them, this is a fact
The decorative sprinkles
Go down in my throat
Mmm...Mmm... These cupcakes I love

The frosting pink, purple, or white
I clap and laugh, full of delight
Sugar Rush! I run around
Ooops! I tripped Ow... Ow... Ow...
Mmm...Mmm... These Cupcakes I love

I'm up to my last bite
And then I say, Good Night!
I lick the delicious frosting off the cupcake
I'm finished
Good Night!
Mmm...Mmm... These cupcakes I love

Rashad Townsley- "My Favorite Treat"
What are you favorite treats? I have plenty, but one stands out. The treat reminds me of the beauty of a rose. It surely tastes like a treat to me. The treat is so good, but sometimes I can't finish it. When I go trick or treating, I really hope I get this treat. I think Kit-Kats are the best. I love it so much. 
Happy Halloween!

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