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Friday, December 18, 2015

Our Next President?

Students discuss who they would vote for and voice their opinions on the 2016 presidential candidates.

If I could vote, I would vote for Hillary Clinton. Hillary Clinton is a part of the Democratic party. Hillary Clinton was the Secretary of State. Even though she is currently first place for the Democratic party, she made some mistakes. For example, she shared secret job files, but apologized later. –Makiyah Turner-Hicks, 4th Grade

If I could vote for a president I would vote for Hillary Clinton. I would elect Hillary Clinton because, 1) In 2008 she ran for president, but lost to Barack Obama, 2) She is a Democrat, 3) She is on top of the polls. I wouldn’t vote for a Republican, especially Donald Trump because he only cares about money. Also, Donald Trump is always in the media talking about topics that are not related to the issues such as his blonde hair (which isn’t genuinely blonde). This is why I would vote for Hillary Clinton. -Lordina Ampere, 4th Grade

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