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Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Market Day Preliminary Auditions

One of the biggest days of the summer at CYCSI is approaching. Market Day 2016 will surely be a spectacular one with tons of great performances. Every year prior to the actual event auditions are held to narrow down the amount of performances in the show. A panel of students and staff were selected to judge each audition and provide feedback or constructive criticism so they could work on it later. No one was eliminated during auditions this year.  As a result all staff and students were able to perform on Markey Day.

The judges for Market Day 2016 include staff members Destyn White, Jasmine Warren, and students Faith Grinion, Adanna Iwu and Olanna Iwu.

 Below is a list of the students and staff members who auditioned:
Serenity (Singing)
Noel Boone (Dancing)
Victorya, Lordina  & Alana (Dancing)
Aaliyah & Leila (Gymnastic)
Michelle & Elizabeth (Dancing)
Simone, Shayla, Jolie, Elizabeth, Malia, Tabitha, & Charlize (Skit)
Shayla & Simone (Dancing)
Waverly (Singing)
Staff member(s): Jordan (Comedy)
Justin Mack, Ms. Allie, Ms Julie, Ms. Alexia, Mr. Destyn (Hosting)

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