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Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Game of Life Project by Shaneil Webley-Roberts

Media Club lesson today: "The Game of Life".  The objective of the "Game of Life" lesson was to allow the students to organize their plans for their future on a poster that has a design similar to the actual board game, "The Game of Life." On their posters they had to indicate the college they want to attend, their career choice, and any other life goals they had in mind (e.g. go on vacation to Hawaii, buy a car, family goals etc.). The students were able to express their creativity and also received a basic understanding of what careers they want to pursue in the future and how to achieve their career goals. Here are a few pictures of the students working on their projects:

After about a week of hard work on their projects, the students were able to complete their projects. The four projects below are the best projects that showed the most creativity and effort:

 Created by Adanna Iwu

 Created by Kal-el Douglas

Created by Faith Grinion

 Created by Tyrrel Jackson

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