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Friday, March 4, 2016

Watch: Black History & Valentine Day Celebration Performances by: Miles Harris

By Miles Harris

Cycsi_Outofschoolprogram's  album on Photobucket

Last month I performed at P.S. 176 Out of School Program Black History Valentine's Day Party. I had a great time at the party. For my solo performance, I did a freestyle dance routine to Michael Jackson's ''They Don't Care About Us." I also danced with Ms. Jasmine's dance club. Watch clips of the performances below!

Other performances include:
  •  A cover of Common and John Legend's song "Glory" performed by Brandon Francis, Osagie and Armani Meadley.
  • The Sorority Club Step Routine to "Glory."
  • A Gymnastics Solo Routine performed to " " by Jenna Pickering 
  • A Dance piece choreographed by Noel Boone and performed by Noel Boone and Kenneady Jacobs.
  • Performances by Music Club and Dance Club students.

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