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Thursday, July 28, 2016

Media Club Conducts Career Assessment Surveys By Darrien Hunt and John Fentress

This week the Media Club surveyed students to obtain stats on their favorite hobbies, subjects, and anticipated career goals. The students were able to gain communication skills and learned how to collect, analyze and compute data. By collecting this data the students were be able to create digital graphs using Microsoft Excel. The graph allows us to pinpoint the most popular and favored hobbies, subject and careers of our the students. Reviewing the students interests is a great way to assess them and help pinpoint possible career options.

John Fentress' Experience 

I surveyed every student in each club to gather data on their favorite hobbies. To conduct our survey three students from Media Club were stationed at the front door of the classrooms to collect the information from the students. When the student came outside there were two students at the the desk and one student taking pictures. I enjoyed taking pictures. It was my favorite part of the experience.

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