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Monday, June 27, 2016

Congrats to the Graduating Staff of 2016

                                                       Published By: Jordan Francois

                         This year our fifth grade students made impressive academic achievements and are moving forward to middle school. Today we also congratulate our graduating class of 2016 CYCSI Team Members that help our students succeed educational and artistically.

  •  Bryelle Ford started interning at CYCSI when she was a Freshman in high school. Today she is a Senior Activity Specialist who supports our academic segment as well as the Dance Club. She graduated from Queens High School For The Sciences. She will attend New York University and declare a dual major in Pre Health and Physical Therapy, and a minor in Dance. She plans to pursue a career in therapeutically medicine.

  • Jasmine Warren is our Senior Dance Instructor. She graduated from Adelphi University with a Bachelor's of Fine Arts in Dance. In the future, she plans to continue training, and pursue a career as professional Dancer.

  • Taj Johnson is our Senior Music Club instructor. He graduated from Queens Gateway Health Sciences. He plans to pursue a degree in Mathematics at the University of Buffalo with a Minor in Music. He also plans to have a career in Finance.

  • Eric Normil Mendez is our Media Club Instructor. He graduated from York College with a Bachelor's in Speech Communication/Theater Arts. He plans to join the management team at CYCSI, and earn his School Age Care Credentials. He also plans to pursue a Master's Degree in the area of Media Production from Brooklyn College.

  • Naimah Joseph is our Senior Music Intern at CYCSI. She plays the guitar, and graduated from Preparatory Academy for Writers High School. She plans to pursue a degree in Early Childhood Education at San Diego State University.

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