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Thursday, August 6, 2015

Trip to Vaughn College


Thursday, 23 June 2015
The students went on a trip to Vaughn College to take a tour and experience the educational opportunities the institution has to offer. They were able to see airplanes, engines, experience a flight simulator, and even witness live 3-D printing. At the end of the tour, everyone met up to watch a game of soccer using programmed robots. 

A flight simulator in which an instructor allowed students to use to know what it feels like to fly an airplane. 

The students went to the lab. At the lab, people from the institution showed them the robots they made, used in competitions, and described their thinking processes.

Then they stepped over to the 3-D printer which they were using to create a model of a shark.

We stepped outside to view airplanes and their massive engines. We were even able to see Laguardia airport from there.

We gathered back inside to witness a robot soccer match which was controlled remotely.

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