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Thursday, July 10, 2014

Summer 2014 Music Production Session

This summer students were introduced to the fundamentals of music production.

During the first and second week of A.C.T. the students participated in creating music beats and operating audio recording technology using DAW's (digital audio workstation). The DAW's the students used included Garage Band, FL Studio and the online digital beat making tool Beatlab.

During the third through fifth week of program the students utilized what they learned into executing music production projects. The students collaborated on a music production project for the song "The Future". The song's instrumentals we're produced by Kamille Gordon using Garage Band. The song lyrics include an inspirational verse derived from Jordan Bartlet's and Tai Chandler's song from the P.S. 176 Boys Choir and original lyrics crafted in A.C.T. club. The students participated in the audio engineering process and observed the post production process of mixing and mastering the audio tracks.   

Below are some reflections and statements by the students based on their experiences during the first week of the music production session:

Today I made a cool new beat! - Taylor Washington

Today I learned how to make a creative beat using music loops. One day maybe I can put it in a movie. - Bianca Loyd

Today I made beats on Beatlab, FL Studios, and took photos of the students. - Tai Chandler

I made beats on FL Studio and I plan on making a song. - Jordan Bartlett

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